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Annual Report 2015


Federal Grid Company has 51 regional branches including 8 Backbone Electric Grids (MES), 41 Backbone Electric Grid Enterprises (PMES), Technical Supervision Centre and Special Purpose Production Centre “Bely Rast”

Further details about the Company’s branches are available on the corporate website www.fsk-ees.ru in the section About the Company /Branches
Federal Grid Company participates in 26 business entities that operate in different industries, including those that support electric grid facilities.

Further details on Federal Grid’s subsidiaries and associates are available in Appendix 7 to the Annual Report

Managing subsidiaries and associates

Key forms of Federal Grid Company’s engagement with subsidiaries and associates

  • Federal Grid Company’s Board of Directors reviews issues pertaining to the Company representatives’ position on draft decisions on issues included in the agendas of GMS and meetings of the boards of directors (Supervisory boards) of subsidiaries and associates
  • Federal Grid Company contributes to the drafting of proposals and decision-making by the management bodies of its subsidiaries and associates through the Company’s representatives at General Meetings of Shareholders / Participants and in the boards of directors (Supervisory boards) of subsidiaries and associates
  • Federal Grid Company’s Management Board reviews issues of engagement with subsidiaries and associates in accordance with its remit

Federal Grid Company’s internal documents that regulate management of its subsidiaries and associates

  • Regulations on managing subsidiaries and associates and other entities in which Federal Grid Company participates
  • Standard for drawing up summary instructions to representatives of Federal Grid Company on issues included in the agendas of General Meetings of Shareholders / Participants and meetings of the boards of directors (supervisory boards) of subsidiaries and associates
  • Methodology for KPI calculation and target achievement evaluation in Subsidiaries and Associates of Federal Grid Company
  • Procedure for engagement of Executive Office units of Federal Grid Company with subsidiaries and associates with respect to information gathering and data verification for KPI calculation and performance evaluation
  • Federal Grid Company’s Order on Approval of Standards and Template Regulations on Managing Subsidiaries and Associates, and other internal documents


Federal Grid Company facilitates the transit of the Russian electricity through electric grids of foreign states being a technical contactor under commercial contracts of importers and exporters on the WECM and, pursuant to the contracts with PJSC Inter RAO, provides services on electricity transmission throughout Russia and right up to its borders via electric grid facilities that are integrated into UNEG and legally owned or possessed by the Company. There are currently several agreements in force, stipulating parallel operation of the Russian UES with the electric power systems of foreign states. The parties to these agreements are Federal Grid Company and economic entities of Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries and the Republic of Belarus. The Company also signed an Inter-system Agreement with Finland. It also signed agreements on technical support of parallel operations with Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, Azerbaijan and Mongolia.

Federal Grid Company collects and processes information about electricity transmission via 138 cross-border electricity transmission lines (CBETL): Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China

Being an organisation that manages cross-border electricity transmission lines, Federal Grid Company coordinates commercial contracts for the import/ export of electricity and provides their engineering support, arranges and implements commercial metering of electricity transmitted along crossborder electricity transmission lines, measures actual volumes of electricity that has been transmitted across the State border, and arranges for their customs clearance.

Federal Grid Company exchanges commercial metering data with the electricity systems of 11 foreign countries. It signed Agreements on Metering Electricity Transmission via CBETL with foreign electric power companies in order to measure the volume of electricity transmitted via each cross-border lines.

Federal Grid Company continuously updates and improves relations with the foreign electric power systems in order to harmonise laws and regulations on the electric power industry, and synchronise electricity and capacity markets.

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