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Annual Report 2015

The implementation of the Federal Grid’s Innovative Development Programme is aimed mainly at achieving the strategic goals of our Company through introducing new types of equipment, supporting new processes, as well as improving the existing and creating new, including high tech, services.

Pavel Korsunov

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Federal Grid Company

Electric Energy System of the Future

In the future, our efforts to implement the Innovative Development Programme are expected to result in the creation of an electric energy system with a smart grid differing from the existing grid by the following innovative elements:

  • Automated electricity transmission systems
  • Active grid elements with variable parameters
  • Current grid status monitoring system
  • Automated real-time systems to keep the operation of the energy system within the limits set as part of a uniform analysis and decision-making system

The smart (active-adaptive) grid and the principles of management of the energy system will be built on the priority of systemic factors and conditions – reliability and economy of the system as a whole.


  • The smart grid is rich with active components that allow changing its topological parameters
  • Sufficient number of sensors to measure current mode parameters for monitoring the grid condition in various operation modes of the energy system
  • Data collection and processing system and controls for grid active components and consumer electric installations
  • НNecessary actuators and mechanisms for realtime measurement of grid topological parameters and interaction with adjacent power assets
  • Tools for automatically assess the current conditions and preparing grid operation forecasts
  • High-performance control system and fast data exchange

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