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Annual Report 2015

Ensuring Security

In 2015, the Board of Directors resolved to adopt an Integrated Security Policy of Federal Grid Company (Minutes No. 269 dated 29 June 2015). The Policy sets goals, objectives and principles of the following areas of Federal Grid’s activities:

  • Protecting against terrorism and crime
  • Economic security
  • Information security
  • Managing integrated security

In the reporting year, the main efforts of the Security Unit of Federal Grid Company were aimed at implementing an Integrated Security of Federal Grid, instructions of the Russian Ministry of Energy and PJSC Rosseti.

Protecting against Terrorism and Crime

The main objective in this area is to improve a management system of security units and enhance the efficiency of anti-terrorist security of UNEG facilities.

In this regard, documents were developed regularly for the discussion of challenging issues of secure operation of electric grid facilities at the meetings of the Security Council of Russia, National Anti- Terrorism Committee, meetings of the working group of the Russian Ministry of Energy.

In 2015, the Security Unit performed a considerable amount of work to ensure protection of energy facilities against terrorism and crime, including categorisation of facilities and interaction with law enforcement agencies.

  • Methodological support and joint security inspections of energy facilities of MES branches – North-West, Centre, South, Volga and East
  • Optimisation and reduction by 10% of expenses for facilities’ protection
  • Scheduled plans for organisational and technical measures were approved for preparing integrated security systems of MES North-West, MES Volga, MES Ural, MES South and MES Centre for 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Economic Security

The main efforts of the Security Unit together with security units of MES branches and subsidiaries were focused on early identification and prevention (localisation) of threats and risks that could cause the most serious financial and image damage to the Company.

  • A series of audits were conducted to identify overpricing for goods, works and services supplied to the Company
  • To ensure control of tender procedures and contract work, 511 checks of legal entities and individuals were made before signing contracts, 258 document sets related to the above procedures were reviewed
  • The Security Unit actively implemented measures to protect the Company’s interests with respect to debt recovery under the enforcement proceedings: in 2015, 69 writs of execution were received to recover the debt for the total amount of RUB15.728 billion from 28 companies; as a result of the work performed, the Company received RUB 9.6 billion

Information Security

The work on ensuring information security was performed in accordance with the approved Integrated Security Plan, instructions and orders of the Federal Grid leadership and the Russian Ministry of Energy in the following two areas:

  • Protection of information and process management systems at facilities of the electric grid complex – cybersecurity of automated process control systems (APCS)
  • Protection of information assets of Federal Grid Company, ensuring smooth operation of corporate systems, server and network resources

Managing Integrated Security

In 2015, along with measures aimed at protecting energy facilities against terrorism, providing them with security equipment and optimal physical security, measures were implemented to maintain an integrated automated security management system. In this regard, work was performed under the direction and supervision of the Security Unit on arranging tendering procedures for maintenance and technical support of the integrated automated security management system within the limits of financing in MES South, MES East, MES Centre and MES North-West.

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