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Annual Report 2015



ADCS Automated Dispatch Control System
APCS Automated Process Control System
BRELL Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
CBETL Cross-Border Electricity Transmission Line
CBR Central Bank of Russia
CHP Combined Heat and Power
CIMS Corporate Information Management System
CIS The Commonwealth of Independent States
DECT Digital European Cordless Telecommunications
EBITDA Earnings before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation & Amortisation
EMS Environmental Management System
ESS JSC Elektrosetservis
ESUPCN Energy System’s Unified Process Communications Network
FFMS Federal Financial Market Service
FOCN Fibre-Optic Communications Network
FTS Federal Tariff Service
GCC Grid Control Centre
GDR Global Depository Receipt
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GMS General Meeting of Shareholders
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
GRES State District Power Plant
HPP Hydro Power Plant
HIFs Hazardous Industrial Facilities
HR Human Recourses
HVL High Voltage Line
IATS Information Acquisition and Transmission System
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IDGC Inter-regional Distribution Grid Company
ICS Internal Control System
IPS Integrated Power System
IT Information Technology
JSC Joint Stock Company
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LED Light Emitted Diode
LLC Limited Liability Company
MES Backbone Electric Grid
MGCC Main Grid Control Centre
MICEX Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
MPEI Moscow Power Engineering Institute
NGPP Non-Governmental Pension Program
NPP Nuclear Power Plant
OHL Overhead Line
OHTL Overhead Transmission Line
OPEX Operating Expenditures
RAS Russian Accounting Standards
PABX Private Automated Branch Exchange
PMES Backbone Electric Grid Enterprise
PSPP Pumped Storage Power Plant
PTL Power Transmission Line
R&D Research and Development
RAB Regulatory Asset Base
RPA Relay Protection and Automation
RUIE Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
SS Substation
TPP Thermal Power Plant
UES Unified Energy System
UNEG Unified National Electric Grid
VAT Value Added Tax
VMI Voluntary Medical Insurance
WECM Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market
WWF World Wildlife Fund
XLPE Cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation
Units of measure
bn billion
Gcal gigacalorie
GW gigawatt
km kilometer
kv kilovolt
kW kilowatt
kWh Kilowatt-hour
l litre
mln million
MVA megavolt-ampere
MVAr megavolt-ampere reactive
MW megawatt
p.p. Percentage point
RUB Russian rouble

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