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Annual Report 2015

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Title Format Size  
Annual Report 2015 pdf 12.51 MB
Statement from the Management pdf 0.15 MB
Governance and Development pdf 1.40 MB
Performance – Capital Management pdf 0.70 MB
Corporate Governance Report pdf 2.79 MB
Additional Information pdf 0.99 MB
Appendix 1. Additional Information by Section of the Annual Report pdf 0.18 MB
Appendix 2. Audit Commission’s Report pdf 0.11 MB
Appendix 3. Report on Compliance with the Russian Corporate Governance Code and Report on Compliance with Main Principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code pdf 0.27 MB
Appendix 4. Information on Major Transactions and on Transactions made by Federal Grid Company in 2015, which are recognised under the RF laws as related party transactions, and are subject to approval by the Company’s authorised governing bodies pdf 0.57 MB
Appendix 5. Information on material Transactions made by Federal Grid Company and entities controlled thereby pdf 0.07 MB
Appendix 6. Information on the Actual Performance of Assignments of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation pdf 0.12 MB
Appendix 7. Information about participation of Federal Grid Company in subsidiaries, associates, and other entities in 2015 pdf 0.12 MB
Appendix 8. Information about the Structure of the Property Portfolio of Federal Grid Company pdf 0.12 MB
Appendix 9. Information about Land Plots of Federal Grid Company pdf 0.07 MB
Appendix 10. Information on Disposal of Non-Core Assets of Federal Grid Company in 2015 pdf 0.10 MB
Appendix 11. RAS Annual Financial Statements for 2015 pdf 0.72 MB
Appendix 12. Management Report 2015 pdf 0.55 MB
Appendix 13. IFRS Consolidated Financial Statements for 2015 pdf 0.98 MB

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